Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hello from Scotland!!

Hi everyone! I'm in Edinburgh right now! We're spending three days
up here just eating and drinking. We still need to run up to the
castles but we've had plenty of great beer and food. The haggis is
great especially with a whiskey cream sauce. It's cold, muggy, and
drizzling but stop fun.

Right now I'm hoping for a great breakfast Of beans potatoes bacon
and sausage with a beer of course! I'll post more later. Btw. The
people here are VERY nice! It's so weird especially after Germany.

Bye guys!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stop American Censorship

Stop American Censorship:

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A long overdue update!

Ok so this is a short but long overdue update about life now! If you
weren't already aware I am now working at the University of the
Pacific with the Ecological Engineering Research Program as the
Program Coordinator. Below are pictures of my office and my name
plate! I'm happy to finally have my name in the hall now I Kat need
business cards!

I'll post another update soon that is in depth. Promise!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A new job and a new home...

Ok so this is a belated post but will be followed up by another later post with an in depth look at my new job.  So here's a look at my new place.  I now live in Manteca.  It's a nice change of pace from Stockton; it's quieter, calmer and more pleasant.  So on to the new place.  I got lucky and have an inexpensive 2 bedroom apartment with a washer and drier to boot.

This is my living room.  The door goes to a closet.

The curtains head to my back porch.

Little hallway to my bed-, bath-, and office room.

My nice little office setup.

Which doubles as a workout room too.


More living room.

Simple dining room.

My kitchen looks a lot better now.  Yes I have 2 refrigerators one regular one beer.

I'll post the job update as soon as I finish.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A day among Giants, A day for Remembrance

Last weekend I had a lot of fun with Brianna and my aunt and cousins.  Brianna and I had some fun going to a drive in movie Friday night, a date for which she got REALLY dressed up.  Check it out:

Then Sunday we had a real treat!  My Aunt scored ticket's to the Giants Dodgers game on 9/11!  We had a lot of fun and it was a first for my little cousins, Giants fans in the making!  We met up with my aunt in Millbrae and caught the BART up to the park (another first for my cousins).  We got in towards the end of the remembrance ceremony that concluded with a great flyover by a veterans group from San Francisco!  That was an awesome first for me!  Here are the picks:

9/11 Ceremony and lone ball on pitcher's mound.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Day at Pacific, and a Volleyball game

So today I ran down to Pacific for a job interview.  I interviewed for a Program Coordinator position with the Ecological Engineering Research Program (EERP).  It's not the greatest job in the world but it would be a good start for my career and a way to pay to live since I'm on my last dollars.  We'll see how things workout in the coming weeks and hope I have a job soon.  I also received emails recently stating that I've been refered to the hiring committee's for two other positions across the states.

While I was there I stuck around to watch the women's volleyball team play Duke!  I believe this was the opening game for their season and it started well but ended with a tear as we lost 3-1.  Here are some photo's from the game.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving on in life

So...  I recently got an interview with the Environmental Engineering Research Program at the University of the Pacific.  I would be working as the Program Coordinator helping to direct the program, obtain grant funds, and basic management of the research associates.  I decided to drop by the library to and get some 'light reading.'  I have never even looked at a grant so I thought it would be good to try and brush up on how grants are written.  The other books are my attempts to familiarize myself with Linux and coding in C++.

I have my interview tomorrow afternoon.  Wish me luck and hopefully I'll start working soon.  I thankfully won't be living in Stockton but working there is a bit of a bummer.

A little pic from the other weekend.  Brianna and I bought a bottle of wine however she doesn't yet have a bottle opener.  To remedy the situation I used my brilliant engineering knowledge to open it!  A screwdriver, screw, and hammer easily fixed the issue!

Hurray for wine!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The time to move on is approaching!

Ok so I have 5 days left of my current photo challenge and boy has it been a challenge!  So let's start fielding some new challenge ideas!  In the beginning I think I had a few great ideas for what to do next.  Being me however, I failed to write them down (antiquated phrase there).  The only strong suggestion I've had so far is to go vegetarian for 30 days.  I have a lot of background as to what would qualify as not vegie and it hasn't really deterred me.  Leave me your suggestions for what to do next either in the comments section below or on Facebook!  I'll pick three or five to choose from and run a decision survey on Facebook to decide!

Let's have fun and give me ideas!  What have you ever wanted me to STOP DOING for a while?

Day 25 - Does this count?

Ok so these were technically taken yesterday but I never got around to posting them yesterday.  So here they are today!  Yes this is cheating but in this boring life I live it's the best I've got right now!

So Here's ice cream with my little cousins last night.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 24 - Back to School

I know and don't care that these posts are no longer in calendar day
order. Today I'm off with my aunt and cousins doing their back to
school shopping.
Here's a little girl trying on some Snazzy boots like the fashionista she is.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 23 - Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Another day in Santa Cruz!  We swung by the Boardwalk for a ride on the Ferris Wheel, the SkyLine, and grabbed some real Churros!  Then we swung by The Falafel Hut which wasn't great.  Later on we ran up to walking street and grabbed ice cream!

On the top of the world!

This place has really good ice cream!  I had taste of Basil ice cream and we got 
a scoop of Strawberry Peppercorn!  They were really tasty and I recommend you try it out!

Day 22 - Continuing Seconds

So Tuesday Brianna had an interview for a a job in King City.  We decided to crash at my aunt's place and spend the day in Santa Cruz Wednesday.  Here's a pic of us on the beach at Sunset!  By the way she got the job  and is moving to King City soon!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 21 - Off to camping

So let's head back inland from the coast and run up to Tahoe for a camping trip.  Last weekend really was a whirlwind of trips and driving across the state.  Brianna and I drove up to Union Lake out Highway 50 to go camping at Sunset Campground.  It was a really nice area in the mountains and right on the lake.  We headed up right around noon and had plenty of time to take a nice little walk along the lake before heading back to camp for hot dogs, and s'mores.  Here's some pictures from my dork mount camera.

Awesome look at Union Lake.

Day 20 - Birthday Seconds?

So gram's birthday was Saturday and yet we didn't get a chance to actually celebrate her birthday.  The girls got up early and started baking the cake.  After that we made up some tasty pancakes and my aunt cooked up some really good peaches as a syrup.

Gram messing with the two cake queens covered in batter!

Day 19.2 - Gilroy Garlic Festival

Ok so these posts are just a bit belated....  Fine they're a LOT belated.  Uploading lots of pictures and making big posts without a computer and on an iOS device really sucks.  I guess from now on I'll work on dragging around my little Apple to make the posts.

Anyways, here are some pictures from my trip to Gilroy with my aunt, grandmother, and little cousins for my my grandmother's birthday.  It was amazing and smelt of well... garlic.  As we dropped into the valley where the fest was held we were bombarded but the smell and really the taste of garlic before we even ate any.  Enough of me writing let's get to the pictures!

Here's my grandma and little cousins at the entrance to the Fest!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 19.1 - Santa Cruz Farmers Market

A great way to start your day is to visit one of Santa Cruz's many
farmers markets. And being Santa Cruz they won't let you down. Great
food to snack on there and once you're at home. And of course it
wouldn't be Santa Cruz without some crazy guy dressed up as you can
see! More to come later from Gilroy!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 18 - Santa Cruz

My gram and I drove out to Santa Cruz today for her birthday and to
visit my aunt. Tomorrow we're headed to the Gilroy Garlic Festival for
some stinky fun! Here's a picture of the great view from my aunt's
place. G'nite!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 17 - Camping Prep

Today is a good day.  Things have started well and I got to have fun starting some camping prep.  I finally found and dug out my tent and am letting it air out.  I was really surprised by the amount of space in the tent.  I've had it for ages and yet it's still big enough to fit me.  Thanks mom and dad!

More after the jump

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 16 - What happened to my hair?

I got a haircut yesterday. I'm not happy. First it looks like a high
top out of the 80s or 90s. Second, it cost double what the nice
Vietnamese ladies on Alpine and Pacific charged with tip. Stupid
SuperCuts. Argh...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 15 - Lame sauce

Things have been lame and not really happening.  I haven't left town or seen anything worthy of photographing lately.  I should be headed to Santa Cruz this weekend and hitting up the Garlic Festival so things should pick up again.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that for each post I typically have taken more photos than just what is in the posts themselves.  If you want to see more you can find me on G+ where I've hosted the rest of my pictures.  Enjoy!  Again hit this for a link.

Day 13 - Churros... Or somethin fishy

Yesterday was a failed venture in cooking. After lounging around all day Brianna and I decided to try our hands at making Churros. Didn't work.  We had fun but they weren't light and fluffy. Also we didn't have a piping tube so we made pancakes. The oil we fried with also left a fishy after taste. Oh well. It was still fun! 

Attempting to use a slotted spoon
More after the jump!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 12 - The King and his Kingdom

Today Brianna and I drove down to Los Gatos to hang out with Tom and
Doug and had the pleasant surprise of Curtis and his girlfriend Alyssa
joining us. Sadly I didn't capture our epic game of putt-putt in
photos but I did get this picture of Doug pre-devining his win on the
course. I held him off until hole 17 where he tied me and went on to
shoot a hole in one on the 18th. All in all. Good friends, good booze,
good competition.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 11 - A Day in San Francisco

Hey everyone!  I actually have some good pictures for you!  Brianna and I went to San Fran for a date so I got a chance to get great pictures.  We first hit up the Bay Aquarium, then grab some lunch, and ended things up at Coit Tower.  Here's a bunch of pictures that I took.  I really can't wait for iOS 5 to come out so that I can control picture quality.

Brianna and I at the Bay Aquarium

More after the jump

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 9 - Bike Ride to Ophir

Yesterday I went on a killer ride out to Ophir (Ophir Ride) and back.  The ride was about 25 miles long with 3 categorized climbs (I know that means nothing to most of you, its a Tour de France/cycling thing.)  Most of the ride was climbing the foothills into Auburn/Ophir.  Overall it was nice ride though.  Great scenery as I rode through the trees and ranches.  I also found a lot of really nice houses that I wasn't expecting, I posted a couple below.

Really nice big ranch house

Quaint little home with an X5 in the garage

Last but not least a 3D Flyover from Google.

At the end of the day I rounded everything off with a very tasty calzone at Old Tavern Pizza in Lincoln and two new tasty beers (Kona Wailua Wheat and Knee Deep in Surf).  I pretty much passed out at 7 last night which is the reason for the delay.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 8 - An on time post!!

Yes!  I made it today!  Then again I have decent material today.  I was hoping to post some pictures clipped from the video of my bike ride today but I don't have time too.  I was a fun ride too since I've got my bike working again!  The highlight for me was going 40 mph down the back hill.  That's a new record for me!

On to today's pictures though.  Yesterday at the water park with my little cousins I lost my sunglasses that I had pocketed so we could go down a slide.  Of course after the ride when we went to meet up with my aunt the glasses were gone.  So today I went out to buy some nice cheapies.  Tell me what you think...

Totally vintage hipster 

So, do the sunglasses make me a hipster?  Or just a variety of words starting with a capital 'D'?  Lol

Thanks to all who are following me! (Kat)

Day 7 - Another late post!

Ok another late post.  I tend to be busy at night making it difficult to post before time runs out.  I need to work on more daytime posts.  Alas, here is what I've got - my cute little cousins sitting like princesses in grandmas little  Japanese Tea garden.

Princess 1

Princess 2

The HDR function of the iPhone is really nice for getting good pictures.  However, lately I've been getting some interesting photos from it.  If you look at her eyes in the picture below she looks demonic!  Still love her though.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 6 - Late Again!

Alright this is late again but I haven't picked up the habit of taking
pics when I'm out and about yet.

My aunt and cousins came up yesterday so I spent the whole night
hanging out with them. With the older one I was playing Lego Racing!
This was a lot of fun although very complex for a kids game.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 5 - Crummy Day

So today has been a bit of a crummy day.  All started well and I made a plan to go a on good bike ride.  I got everything ready, swapped pedals on my bike and tightened the but on my crank-arm.  Or so I thought.  I started riding and just like all the other days my crank-arm came loose, in less than half a mile.  Turns out my junkie old bike with junkie old components was broken-ish.  Since my bike is old none of the new stuff will work on it and anything new would simply cost more than the bike itself.  
To remedy this it was suggested I visit a place called the Bike Kitchen.  They have tons of old junk and will help you fix whatever you need on your bike.  Kinda of the Pick'n'Pull of the bike world plus some moderately experienced volunteer help.  Of course by the time I get there at 2:30 they've closed.  I now have to wait til noon tomorrow to try and fix my bike.  
Also, since when does Roseville have LA traffic at 3!  I-80 was in gridlock for no good reason!  Really aggravating day running around trying to fix a piece of junk and going no where.

All in all a waste of a day.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  I can only hope so.  Good thing I have a 12 pack of Red Hook.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 4 - Late but here

Yes it's late with 3 minutes to go but here's my photo for the day!
Today was slow and lame. No one is around and I was too dead to do
anything. Tomorrow shall improve! (Also those of you saying he can
drink more than that you're right. It just didn't happen.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3

Went for another ride, I swear I'll get out somewhere else for photos soon.  I rode up the steep difficult side of the hill today and got some picks of Roseville and the casino across the highway.

That's the casino in the background.  Have yet to try my odds, maybe one day when things start looking up again!

Again like I said earlier I'll try and get some better pictures.  Thanks again for following.