Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The resurgence of handheld gaming devices (aka... mobile devices)

TechCrunch posted an article today about a leak uncovered by @evleaks.  It appears that Logitech has designed a gamepad for the iPhone.  There have been lots of articles about similar devices from other companies or KickStarter startups but this is a new design from what I've seen.  And frankly - I'm glad to see the Sega Genesis reincarnated!

Back in the '90s I had one of the massive 1 pound behemoths for road trips and I loved it.  Now with this in the mix we can all relive those memories (granted in 'retina display' and a slightly* larger screen).  Other than nostalgia, I'm excited to be able actually play games on my phone with out fumbling around or the iPhone failing to register my movements (*ahem* Temple Run).  I think Nintendo (RIP Hiroshi) and Nvidia could take some notes from Logitech and focus on adapting to existing technology and infiltrating there instead of developing bizaar new devices.

Needless to say, no I won't be going out to buy one of these I'm too broke for that, but it's great to see technology circling around.

*yes that's a jab at the iPhone screen size which is why I moved on to an Atrix HD
(Original article is on TechCrunch.com)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Adventures in Oregon

So it's Brianna's Spring Break and time for a good vacation for me! So we decided that we would head up to Portland to visit Brianna's college friends. We headed out Friday night, stopped off in Yreka to catch some shut eye, and then cross the border in the morning!

This is my first time visiting Oregon and finishing the trip this morning was great. I forgot that outside of the valley there are literally greener pastures. It really is amazing how different driving is going from California to Oregon, It's like going back to home to Germany - all the road signs and on/off ramps are different. Anyways, Brianna's friends live in Oregon City, Oregon on a small hill over looking the valley. It's a beautiful house and I can't wait to sit out on there deck and drink my coffee.

So for our first day we lounged around and ate lunch when we arrived then ran off to for hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. Our first stop was at a nice small falls called Waneekah Falls. After that we moved along to the Multnomah Falls and capped off the evening watching the sunset at the mouth of the river. All and all a good start to the vacation and how to round off the first day, Now based on the stories I've heard from Brianna the day may be over but the night has only just begun! We have a night full of games and shows ahead of us. Sounds like a night with Sandy, Nick, and Doug sans the Tanqueray.

Well I'll update more later. Happy Easter weekend.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chicken Pot... Tart?

Yup! Tonight's meal was a delicious chicken pot pie in a tart! Thanks to my gram I have a wonderful set of tart pans and have started a baking spree. My first attempt was some apple tarts. They came out alright but since my cupboards were empty so it was more of a 'What can I come up with?' They turned out alright but I wouldn't turn my friends and family on them.

The pot pies however - awesome! Again it was some classic take a recipe and make it my own cooking. It's much harder to fit the dough into a tart pan and then make an artistic top but I think mine came out sufficient.

For those of you at my work ill make some more sweet ones soon that you can try for everyone else ill try to make something when I come see you.

Auf wiedersehen!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sampling site 2

Site number 2 out at Turner Cut. They have me on the bow pulling up bottle samples of water. We take six bottles back with us an filter them for the suspended solids which in some places takes hours!

I'm on a boat!

Ok so it's been a while but this seemed interesting enough. I'm out with Mike and Ashley from work on a sampling trip on the Delta. We go out and collect water samples to test for microbes and toxins in the San Joaquin and it's estuaries as part of one of our projects. I'll post more throughout the day so you can learn more!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fort Ord Hike: A Return to my birthplace

Ok so kinda I was born at the old military hospital that was there but has long since been abandoned and I believe was classified as a hazard clean-up. I know... Explains a lot about me right?

Well other than turning me a wierdo the area was nice. I'm not sure what the tree type was but there was a lot of the trees that you would expect to see in the swamps and marshes of the south. Lots of moss hanging from the trees making pretty colors.

We just hiked the main access trail but saw a lot of off shoots that would be fun to explore.

Welcome back to my posts hopefully I'll be more active on here again!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Being Classy with a Gin & Tonic

Yet another post!  Things have been happening and they need posts.

So, on to spirits and libations and music only fitting to comfort a drunkard.  Right now our pal George Thorogood is singing the woes of unemployment and one Bourbon, one Scotch, one Beer.  A couple of weeks ago Groupon had a great offer - 9 whiskey stones for $9!  Typically they run $20 at the stores so naturally I bought them.  So far I've been pleasantly delight with them, no watering down of my Tanqueray Rangpur and Tonic.  The stones (from Sparq) leave no taste in the drink, nor grit or other unpleasantries.