Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 8 - An on time post!!

Yes!  I made it today!  Then again I have decent material today.  I was hoping to post some pictures clipped from the video of my bike ride today but I don't have time too.  I was a fun ride too since I've got my bike working again!  The highlight for me was going 40 mph down the back hill.  That's a new record for me!

On to today's pictures though.  Yesterday at the water park with my little cousins I lost my sunglasses that I had pocketed so we could go down a slide.  Of course after the ride when we went to meet up with my aunt the glasses were gone.  So today I went out to buy some nice cheapies.  Tell me what you think...

Totally vintage hipster 

So, do the sunglasses make me a hipster?  Or just a variety of words starting with a capital 'D'?  Lol

Thanks to all who are following me! (Kat)

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