Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving on in life

So...  I recently got an interview with the Environmental Engineering Research Program at the University of the Pacific.  I would be working as the Program Coordinator helping to direct the program, obtain grant funds, and basic management of the research associates.  I decided to drop by the library to and get some 'light reading.'  I have never even looked at a grant so I thought it would be good to try and brush up on how grants are written.  The other books are my attempts to familiarize myself with Linux and coding in C++.

I have my interview tomorrow afternoon.  Wish me luck and hopefully I'll start working soon.  I thankfully won't be living in Stockton but working there is a bit of a bummer.

A little pic from the other weekend.  Brianna and I bought a bottle of wine however she doesn't yet have a bottle opener.  To remedy the situation I used my brilliant engineering knowledge to open it!  A screwdriver, screw, and hammer easily fixed the issue!

Hurray for wine!!

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