Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 11 - A Day in San Francisco

Hey everyone!  I actually have some good pictures for you!  Brianna and I went to San Fran for a date so I got a chance to get great pictures.  We first hit up the Bay Aquarium, then grab some lunch, and ended things up at Coit Tower.  Here's a bunch of pictures that I took.  I really can't wait for iOS 5 to come out so that I can control picture quality.

Brianna and I at the Bay Aquarium

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This guy is a giant sea bass or something.  It was ENORMOUS.  I think he could have eaten my head.

A cool ray that we walked under.

Brianna got trapped in a bubble in one of the tanks.  I think it had some helium in it...  

Brianna petting a shark!  It was like sand paper.

Me petting a sea anemone.  It stuck to my finger and freaked me out!

This is the same guy from the top just MEAN!!

That's Coit Tower behind us.
Lastly, a picture of the city from Coit Tower

Brianna and I had a great day and lots of fun.  Hope you all enjoy the nice change of pace from my usual lame pictures!  Ciao

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