Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 19.2 - Gilroy Garlic Festival

Ok so these posts are just a bit belated....  Fine they're a LOT belated.  Uploading lots of pictures and making big posts without a computer and on an iOS device really sucks.  I guess from now on I'll work on dragging around my little Apple to make the posts.

Anyways, here are some pictures from my trip to Gilroy with my aunt, grandmother, and little cousins for my my grandmother's birthday.  It was amazing and smelt of well... garlic.  As we dropped into the valley where the fest was held we were bombarded but the smell and really the taste of garlic before we even ate any.  Enough of me writing let's get to the pictures!

Here's my grandma and little cousins at the entrance to the Fest!

A bunch of different tasty treats.  I had a tasty garlic sausage and
the rest of my family got garlic chicken stir fry.

My little cousins on the swing ride!

Happy little girl in the buggy ride.

The birthday lady relaxing stylishly on a bale of hay while the girls were learning to work in front of home depot...  Wait!  I'm sorry!  They were learning to build wood boxes and hangers to take home.

We were looking for garlic fries for a couple hours when all I had to do was look up in the air.

These were really good garlic fries but I still hold that the fries 
at the Maker Faire with the beer batter were better.

 FREE ICE CREAM!!  Garlic ice cream that is!  It was really interesting and tasty.  A smooth vanilla start with a bitey garlic after taste.

My little cousin admiring the mounted police.

 Again looking at the horses.  With the Home Depot aprons on.

The nice police woman letting the girls pet the horsey. Earlier she pretended to put a man in handcuffs.

All in all it was a lot of fun and the girls really enjoyed it.  Gram had a good birthday and was happy to turn a year younger!

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