Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Day at Pacific, and a Volleyball game

So today I ran down to Pacific for a job interview.  I interviewed for a Program Coordinator position with the Ecological Engineering Research Program (EERP).  It's not the greatest job in the world but it would be a good start for my career and a way to pay to live since I'm on my last dollars.  We'll see how things workout in the coming weeks and hope I have a job soon.  I also received emails recently stating that I've been refered to the hiring committee's for two other positions across the states.

While I was there I stuck around to watch the women's volleyball team play Duke!  I believe this was the opening game for their season and it started well but ended with a tear as we lost 3-1.  Here are some photo's from the game.

Spank it!

Great dig!  Rebecca Torres is an amazing libero!

Going, going, gone!

And the ball drops.  Another point Pacific!

Hurray for the Pacific Pep Band!

Those Darn Duke Blue Devils!

The Tiger Dancers.  I swear it's the same girls from freshman year.

Go Lady Tigers!!

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