Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 20 - Birthday Seconds?

So gram's birthday was Saturday and yet we didn't get a chance to actually celebrate her birthday.  The girls got up early and started baking the cake.  After that we made up some tasty pancakes and my aunt cooked up some really good peaches as a syrup.

Gram messing with the two cake queens covered in batter!

Time to finish off the remaining cake batter!

The happy girls getting ready to eat pancakes.

 Someone looking mischievous!


The crafts that the girls built Saturday at the Garlic Festival.

 Anni Janni icing the cake!

Grammy with her cake and two burgeoning pastry chefs!

I thought I had some pictures of the cake but wasn't able to find them.  If they pop up I'll add them.

Also, I wanted to thank my Aunt Patti and Uncle Donnie for following!

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