Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving on in life

So...  I recently got an interview with the Environmental Engineering Research Program at the University of the Pacific.  I would be working as the Program Coordinator helping to direct the program, obtain grant funds, and basic management of the research associates.  I decided to drop by the library to and get some 'light reading.'  I have never even looked at a grant so I thought it would be good to try and brush up on how grants are written.  The other books are my attempts to familiarize myself with Linux and coding in C++.

I have my interview tomorrow afternoon.  Wish me luck and hopefully I'll start working soon.  I thankfully won't be living in Stockton but working there is a bit of a bummer.

A little pic from the other weekend.  Brianna and I bought a bottle of wine however she doesn't yet have a bottle opener.  To remedy the situation I used my brilliant engineering knowledge to open it!  A screwdriver, screw, and hammer easily fixed the issue!

Hurray for wine!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The time to move on is approaching!

Ok so I have 5 days left of my current photo challenge and boy has it been a challenge!  So let's start fielding some new challenge ideas!  In the beginning I think I had a few great ideas for what to do next.  Being me however, I failed to write them down (antiquated phrase there).  The only strong suggestion I've had so far is to go vegetarian for 30 days.  I have a lot of background as to what would qualify as not vegie and it hasn't really deterred me.  Leave me your suggestions for what to do next either in the comments section below or on Facebook!  I'll pick three or five to choose from and run a decision survey on Facebook to decide!

Let's have fun and give me ideas!  What have you ever wanted me to STOP DOING for a while?

Day 25 - Does this count?

Ok so these were technically taken yesterday but I never got around to posting them yesterday.  So here they are today!  Yes this is cheating but in this boring life I live it's the best I've got right now!

So Here's ice cream with my little cousins last night.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 24 - Back to School

I know and don't care that these posts are no longer in calendar day
order. Today I'm off with my aunt and cousins doing their back to
school shopping.
Here's a little girl trying on some Snazzy boots like the fashionista she is.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 23 - Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Another day in Santa Cruz!  We swung by the Boardwalk for a ride on the Ferris Wheel, the SkyLine, and grabbed some real Churros!  Then we swung by The Falafel Hut which wasn't great.  Later on we ran up to walking street and grabbed ice cream!

On the top of the world!

This place has really good ice cream!  I had taste of Basil ice cream and we got 
a scoop of Strawberry Peppercorn!  They were really tasty and I recommend you try it out!

Day 22 - Continuing Seconds

So Tuesday Brianna had an interview for a a job in King City.  We decided to crash at my aunt's place and spend the day in Santa Cruz Wednesday.  Here's a pic of us on the beach at Sunset!  By the way she got the job  and is moving to King City soon!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 21 - Off to camping

So let's head back inland from the coast and run up to Tahoe for a camping trip.  Last weekend really was a whirlwind of trips and driving across the state.  Brianna and I drove up to Union Lake out Highway 50 to go camping at Sunset Campground.  It was a really nice area in the mountains and right on the lake.  We headed up right around noon and had plenty of time to take a nice little walk along the lake before heading back to camp for hot dogs, and s'mores.  Here's some pictures from my dork mount camera.

Awesome look at Union Lake.

Day 20 - Birthday Seconds?

So gram's birthday was Saturday and yet we didn't get a chance to actually celebrate her birthday.  The girls got up early and started baking the cake.  After that we made up some tasty pancakes and my aunt cooked up some really good peaches as a syrup.

Gram messing with the two cake queens covered in batter!

Day 19.2 - Gilroy Garlic Festival

Ok so these posts are just a bit belated....  Fine they're a LOT belated.  Uploading lots of pictures and making big posts without a computer and on an iOS device really sucks.  I guess from now on I'll work on dragging around my little Apple to make the posts.

Anyways, here are some pictures from my trip to Gilroy with my aunt, grandmother, and little cousins for my my grandmother's birthday.  It was amazing and smelt of well... garlic.  As we dropped into the valley where the fest was held we were bombarded but the smell and really the taste of garlic before we even ate any.  Enough of me writing let's get to the pictures!

Here's my grandma and little cousins at the entrance to the Fest!