Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 17 - Camping Prep

Today is a good day.  Things have started well and I got to have fun starting some camping prep.  I finally found and dug out my tent and am letting it air out.  I was really surprised by the amount of space in the tent.  I've had it for ages and yet it's still big enough to fit me.  Thanks mom and dad!

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Next I grabbed the padding that my grandma bought for my little cousins to play around on.  It turns out they are a perfect fit for my tent and add plenty of padding to the ground.  Sometimes you just get lucky!

Last, is just my sleeping bag and CamelBak.  Plenty of warmth and carry capacity there.

Of course there's still some more stuff to pack up and get ready but this is a good start!  No point in completely packing my car when I won't be around this weekend.


  1. please tell me you are not going by yourself?

  2. Nope. Going with my girlfriend.