Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 2.1 - Cramped Space

Two updates to my approach to this challenge: a) at least one photo has to deal with my life; and b) all my photos will be taken using my iPhone.  I'll make a few tweeks here and there with Picasa but otherwise I'll do all my editing on my iPhone with whatever applications I have.

This first post is really just about what life is like right now.  I'm still unemployed as most of you know so I'm living a life my little cousins envy and that I would really like to change - living at home with grandma.  Having a free place to stay is great but after living in your own place for 2 years and without adult supervision for 4 (I count living in dorms as adult supervision) you start living your own way.  Going back to someone else's roof is a game changer.

Anyways here is my 'room'

Granted I don't sleep out here like I did last year (additions such as the futon made it difficult to add a bed to the mix) this is where I spend most of my time.

Later today I'll try for a good outside shot.  Later

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