Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The resurgence of handheld gaming devices (aka... mobile devices)

TechCrunch posted an article today about a leak uncovered by @evleaks.  It appears that Logitech has designed a gamepad for the iPhone.  There have been lots of articles about similar devices from other companies or KickStarter startups but this is a new design from what I've seen.  And frankly - I'm glad to see the Sega Genesis reincarnated!

Back in the '90s I had one of the massive 1 pound behemoths for road trips and I loved it.  Now with this in the mix we can all relive those memories (granted in 'retina display' and a slightly* larger screen).  Other than nostalgia, I'm excited to be able actually play games on my phone with out fumbling around or the iPhone failing to register my movements (*ahem* Temple Run).  I think Nintendo (RIP Hiroshi) and Nvidia could take some notes from Logitech and focus on adapting to existing technology and infiltrating there instead of developing bizaar new devices.

Needless to say, no I won't be going out to buy one of these I'm too broke for that, but it's great to see technology circling around.

*yes that's a jab at the iPhone screen size which is why I moved on to an Atrix HD
(Original article is on TechCrunch.com)

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