Thursday, January 19, 2012

Being Classy with a Gin & Tonic

Yet another post!  Things have been happening and they need posts.

So, on to spirits and libations and music only fitting to comfort a drunkard.  Right now our pal George Thorogood is singing the woes of unemployment and one Bourbon, one Scotch, one Beer.  A couple of weeks ago Groupon had a great offer - 9 whiskey stones for $9!  Typically they run $20 at the stores so naturally I bought them.  So far I've been pleasantly delight with them, no watering down of my Tanqueray Rangpur and Tonic.  The stones (from Sparq) leave no taste in the drink, nor grit or other unpleasantries.

Slightly misleading graphic of the stones.  I saw this and had some hopes
of larger stones before recalling I only purchased 9 regular stones.

Unlike many comments I read the stones were smooth and rounded.

The stones have a very nice look to them.

Three stones in the bottom of a glass seem to work 
perfect for class-ily cooling your drink.

When immersed the stones seem to effervesce adding
 to the appeal of a good looking drink.

It's nice to see a good drink bonding with  it's refreshing addition.

For those of you interested, as of right now I would recommend these delightful stones.  Granted my optimal price point is around $10 and they are being sold for double that.  If you have the money to throw around it may well be worth it.  I'll post again later after testing the stones with other drinks and testing how long they last with a nursed drink.  While most of you shudder at the thought of nursing a drink far too long or fallen soldiers we all know a lady or two (and before I'm chastised for sexism, some of you guys too) lay drinks around then expect for a friend to finish what's left.  Now throw these in and your worries of drinking skunk beer can be allayed.  

I'll have more drinking posts coming soon.  My good friend Tom will be brewing two batches of beer tomorrow that will be in need of drinking and reviewing!  His operation is called Skull Stache Brewing and he just got started again after a  short hiatus to make money.  He's cooking up an ESB and a double IPA that I'm dying to try.

So until next time - cheers mates!

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